Quickly let webmaster soft Wen bring traffic

wrote the soft Wen, we do? The surface offers you a few places to vote, to ensure effective.

one Chinaz stationmaster station

is also a good publicity posting on Chinaz, their weight high well, we all know that the weight of high standing for you outside of the chain The more, the better. In their contribution, unfortunately, the late submission, no one audit, and general articles without hyperlinks, is at the end of the article plus a thank XXX nets (XXXX web site) webmaster delivery share." But this is also another we these authors moved, received no pay, people say thank you, my heart was flattered.

two Admin5 webmaster network

soft contribute preferred station network, the reason is: a post audit fast convenient, as long as the registration of a member of the site they can release the soft, and editor of review articles their speed is very fast, I remember a 1 a.m. published an article, the audit by the 2 o’clock. Do the webmaster is a night owl, write an article of what is in the middle of the night to finish writing inspiration, also contribute to wait for long time to see her article out, and my heart is certainly uncomfortable, do not want to come again next time submission; two is the search engine included almost 1 o’clock vote the manuscript, 3 o’clock to goolge search, it can be found in my article, the heart that excited ah. Three, reprinted by other similar websites more opportunities, such as I cast a manuscript, after a few days in Baidu search: use Baidu Search, find relevant web page 555 article, that excited, his website was hundreds of websites and reproduced, have a say a sense of accomplishment.

three AI net

iResearch publicity the biggest advantage is that they are one of the Baidu news source, as long as your article in their home display, generally not more than 8 hours to find your article in Baidu news will. Baidu news source is certainly fierce, an article at the same time may be tens of thousands of websites reprinted, it must be worry about the chain. Of course, in the article increased the AI net editor, may think you are purely soft advertising, the article will not show you in the home page, then your article also few people see, click rate is almost 0. So in the article increase AD address, and let them think you are a pure soft text, that is to see your soft Wen Kung fu.

four, donews

Donews article weight is very high, at the same time by other people reproduced opportunity is also very high. And write soft text can take super link address, as long as you can write, a day can release 2 soft text is not a problem, and as long as the soft text is released, will be displayed in the home.donews.com home page. But now, the new registered users do not seem to write articles of authority, and to find some relationship for you to open the permissions.

five various forums

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