The real value and function of soft Wen

many webmaster cast disdain eyes, what is soft, is not that rubbish article?.

isn’t that the AD article? Isn’t it a mess? Just a garbage man. I disdain to write that thing. Ask again, you will write soft text? There are some webmaster answer, not to copy a few articles, which add some of their links, ad?. Those who only have information type webmaster do, our music website, movie website do not need. Wrong! What is soft Wen?.

if only stay at this level, it is small soft, Microsoft. Not yet reached the point of soft wen. Soft text without limit. Some people rely on soft Wen, let your web site value 10 million. Some people rely on soft Wen, let his more than 10 web site PR all for the 6. master of soft Wen, is that you are sold, but also help you count money, master of soft Wen, is more than the drama also let people moved tears.

soft text is not the best, only better, the network many push hands, many speculators, from the garbage soft began, trained a skill. From soft to hard, from Microsoft to IBM. as personal webmaster everyone, if not soft text, you may lose a good gun. As the enterprise website of everyone, if not soft text, you want to spend twice as much promotion cost.

so what is soft text?.

1, soft Wen to do God do not know, ghosts do not feel, a beautiful article, to that point, must be an example, must be For Example, your soft one, let others pour into your arms. I love a webmaster for 3 years, a broken hearted dancer, this article is soft? You see, will feel the white look,


2. the need for creative, if just copying others article, and then modify a URL, that is the primary, although it is very effective, very convenient, but it is not the so-called soft Wen that can master, to my wife as a clown, such as wangyeca, create a part of your own the soft, they’ve never seen, innovative and soft, it is best to others cannot be changed. That is the master, brother figure king, well, write a lot, although is not the master, in the personal webmaster, is very rare, with the rapid rise of the ADmin5 may also have a causal relationship. I admire the most in the website: Master Koo, soft wheat, Fu Dekun.

3. soft Wen site problems, you know your soft Wen should be published to where? If a website promotion, can’t find your TOP, 50 release your soft Wen place, then you are not a master.

4. soft Wen media hype. Whether it is a million grid or pin exchange, and no timely media interaction, it is very small dissemination efforts. Soft like a spill, by means of the media of the fire, oil on fire, to add fuel to the flames, sparks of fire, rapid fire. This is a piece that can be developed, duplicated, and free

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