Seeking common ground while seeking common ground while reserving differences and living in harmony

recently, as the web site navigation biggest Baidu’s hao123 one after another is non continuous, the public network is well known, hao123 is Chinese largest and earliest web site navigation, according to the survey, in recent years, the Internet has a lot of imitators, even some website code is completely "clone" hao123, for example:,, so the hao123 claim to the alleged plagiarism imitation of his "Li Gui" websites ban its search traffic, disconnect the website source of income sanctions. Known as the so-called "Li Gui" website also denounce Baidu, not resigned to playing second fiddle, said they would actively respond to the "fake" action, claiming not to imitate others.

as for the so-called imitation, does not mean similar domain name can not be used, what is not belong to infringement, I do not want to comment, and the relevant departments ruled. grievance called "Li Gui" website: "he has been banned by Baidu since 2004, and is in the down right state.". As Baidu’s long-term ban led to many users, including the media do not understand us, if we have to crown "Li Gui" title, then Baidu itself is Google’s "Li Gui" it?


yes, on the web site navigation for the present is not the only hao123, such as and so on, there are many, they are eating with a bowl of rice, Chengdu is not infringement? Ancient peer is the enemy, maybe we just care about the same domain name, but often overlooked as a core and significance a website for their own development. You do not want to blindly behind closed doors, to interact with others, even when run on others, even able to obtain some results, see only a small part that is remarkable.

the same type of website, the management of the same direction and objectives, which is understandable, we must praise. Do webmaster information information than as and China station site that, between them although there is an inevitable competition, this is the industry rules, but among all the common goal is to live together in peace together, how to do the site, how to serve for webmasters to provide information services and solve the problem, never help mutual help, mutual encouragement, resource sharing. I think this not only can bring economic benefits and high returns for your website, but also become an example of many brothers websites. It is worth learning and using for reference.

is another point, "Li Gui" web site is not the same as "phishing", at least they don’t cheat users money and time, but also provides navigation assistance and services for users, as such, if Baidu search traffic to kill it, it is not reasonable, people say.


, since Baidu acquired hao123 has become the master, with prominent monopoly stands in the Internet.

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