Talking about the use of Extjs, Flex, Jquery and other nternet era frameworks


after years of development of Internet technology, more and more strong interaction of the website, software from C/S to B/S, and the B/S structure of the C/S interface experience, accompanied by a large number of rich Internet framework to complete the cycle of a spiral, the main B side we use in the project at the end of the browser (in the framework of Extjs, Flex), Jquery should be the highest frequency of use of three frames, but the three framework is not what occasions are suitable for the use of the so-called, everyone has his own advantages Sometimes an inch may prove long.


I did have access to the project, if it is done within the LAN, the application system, office system, Extjs or Flex is a good choice, as I know now some domestic banks already use the two framework to develop an internal application system, the tobacco industry cigarette booking system at present also the use of Flex development (I personally think that this technology is not too good, although the choice is very cool, but according to the current domestic network speed, the customer experience is not high, a lot of resources to download).

if it is the public website, Extjs and Flex or try to avoid the use of recommended JQuery, no matter what system, the speed of the system is the first threshold of customer experience, if you choose Extjs or Flex, the web site of the open speed will be a test, the runtime is not a small download time will let visitors Taozhiyaoyao, the past few years I have been personally developed every family to buy gifts network can be described as the three frameworks are tried, the old version of the site will be the use of Jquery, the background using Flex, but the unstable speed will often cause a long time after the open, after using the AIR installation package, made directly the desktop version, but also mixed.

advantage is: the characteristics of AIR can be used as far as possible, the order made to remind the phonetic system of printing, design documents, powerful, disadvantages: the need for each computer installation, although can automatically upgrade, but the feeling is not very convenient, there is a problem known as the AIR cross platform, in fact, is not completely cross platform, now I use Ubuntu 64 AIR operating system will not be installed when the environment; therefore, the new version of the site before and after the platform technology development evolution to the background: Jquery,: Extjs, after the actual operation experience, Extjs than Flex relative to the advantage, although some Extjs based 1M about the package, but relative to Flex, now all the major browsers for half alive JS speed spell, using JS framework to develop the system in speed will become better and better, and development Out of the system can do real sense of cross platform, cross browser.

choose this several frames long winded, there are the following framework used widely, I did the education industry, banking, and understanding of the tobacco industry are using these frameworks one or several in the development and application of the system, based on the three different technology > framework

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