WeChat public number fans from 70000 to 3000 caused by thinking

Two days before

, a member of the same frequency of reading will find inside me, I this day, East, the public attracted hundreds of fans, but it also is very tough to do? I said, this is really no way, because the public number is depending on the content of remaining attract fans.

although in the promotion, may through a variety of activities, induce fans attention. But the fans found once you push content and not their attention, naturally out of the.

, it suddenly reminded me that some time ago, I was going to do some pushing with a friend. He told me that he had more than 30000 fans at the earliest time of the WeChat public, and now it’s more than 7000. How did more than 30000 fans come from,


: "it’s basically a way to get a fan out of it," he said.

why is it down to 7000 now,


the answer is obvious. Someone else has received the red envelope, but found the content of the public number is not their favorite. That is to say, the target fans are not precise enough. So, we all put the core on the content now.

what does it make us feel about this,

?Location of

1. WeChat public number

Before making a public number,

must consider what the position of the public number is. What kind of information needs to be pushed and what kind of people will focus on themselves?. At what stage should your age group be?.

for example, you are WeChat public numbers do maternal and child supplies, you said with red envelopes to attract a large number of fans, when you push some feeding, feeding such information, you will have a lot of fans attention to cancel


obviously, these fans are not your dish. So, sometimes we seem to get a lot of fans on a campaign, but in fact, when you push the message, there will be a group of fans to cancel the attention.

at the same time, when you’re making the WeChat public number, you have to tell others what you do. Why is this public number crowded?. Then, once you develop, you will have a certain influence on the brand of this public number.

, just as someone mentions a public number, says, "Oh, I know what the public number is, what it is, and what field it is.".

Promotion of

2. WeChat public number

in the enterprise when the operation, many bosses like to pursue the pursuit of KPI, always like to get some data to request team. As a result, many teams do it for KPI. Sometimes they can completely understand the real needs of users.

results, the KPI index goes up. However, once you need to translate data, you find >

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