Why not recommend individual webmaster portal single for the best choice

many friends are still confused and can’t find the right place. Do not know where to start from yourself, can not find innovation, in fact, as a personal portal is really difficult to do, from time, team, technical above are not suitable to do. So, how do we in this webmaster community in this sea as a small fish swim? We’ll use some examples to analyze, help still confused, lost the direction of the webmaster, find you should your own way.

Lenovo and NOKIA all know, Lenovo products have PC, mobile phone and other products, but NOKIA mobile phone, do is nothing else? I know him only this one to get involved in the mobile phone industry, is currently not involved in other products. Then I would take this example by Lenovo, involved in these 2 industries, take the mobile phone he and NOKIA are not comparable, regardless of why the quality, function, sales, etc., is also a mobile phone production gap will how big? I understand NOKIA’s market share the rate is very high, many mobile phone brands, why NOKIA can in the sea, allowing users to trust you. First of all, it focuses on mobile development, a single, Lenovo industry is not involved, there is no extra time to focus on development, operation. And NOKIA’s single, but positive, gave it more understanding of the market, to understand the needs of users, and more focused development to meet the actual needs of the public. It’s simple and not simple. Therefore, we as personal webmaster, I suggest not to do portal, do a single theme, make you faster access to the market, better understand the needs of users. On site classification, single theme of your rational planning, you can make a point of infinite extension, if you are a portal station you can not as single theme websites have more time to focus on a channel, a theme. So I personally think that would like to start quickly, stable development, occupy a certain market share, or do a single theme of the site as well.

There are many examples of

, such as trading in A5 communities, webmasters doing information, and 55.la generating pictures, all of which are a single theme that unfolds around this single theme and extends to all points. I hope this paper will help you webmaster brothers, there say inappropriate please excuse me.

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