Who makes my industry website earn 100 thousand RMB per month

, this is a question that many webmaster want to know. N month ago, my station is basically out of Chi empty state, which makes me very headache, so I have no way to look up in front of many owners, said my station operation for a long time, not what the big reward, not to return, I have just laughed aside, the flying saliva I ignore, because I believe that my choice is absolutely right, since I chose the webmaster in this industry, I want to all I had to do everything, be responsible for all the responsibilities and obligations, but some time I really want to make their stand off, but think about it, the few members still pay attention to my station, I was determined to do down, bite the bullet.

when I was helpless, I also happened to have a peer, webmaster and I said your station from the aspects of interface function are lacking, why not choose a new system, the station of its own look, with a fresh look for more members, also let the previous support your membership to try new interface and function, in his inspiration, I stand in the source code, forums and other places to find a suitable for my system, and later in the CHIANZ download station found on the network SP5B2B system, this system is free, I see, do not believe, but for their own the station, try to download, the local test a few days, slowly found that a lot of my previous membership functions are mentioned, I want to upgrade, so I don’t think this is what I want to do. Later, through a period of observation, the B2B network is indeed from the upgrade to other aspects of the service is very good, though I am free customers, but they for me I don’t know the answer a lot of questions, see through the system, through the service, I think my chance,

after a period of time SP6 upgrade version came out, I contact their customer service through the conversation, I decided to use their commercial version, in order to make my former members not in the loss, I let the network technology gave me the data, and debugging all aspects of the site in the near a period of time to temporary new born, get a lot of members of the appreciation, through the promotion of many aspects, and now I stand the economic income from flat, until now the profit of 100 thousand RMB I really I did not dare to think, website income is so good, I feel good. What can eat quickly digest, this is really to WSB2B’s credit!


recently won another SP6.0.1 upgrade. That’s nice,

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