Taobao guest years, what can you learn

from 10 years to do Taobao guest stumbled all the way, failed, once wanted to give up. Giving up means that what was done before is in vain. Eventually persevered, and interest is the best teacher, in fact, do Taobao guest this thing, I feel more substantial life, at least not every day to QQ space in a daze. Done Taobao customers, these years is indeed harvested a lot, although these are intangible, but often these intangible knowledge can bring you wealth. Of course, in recent years, Baidu’s algorithm updates, for Taobao guest site impact is still quite large.

as a person, I believe that after reading this article, one to two years later, if you are still doing Taobao customers, your feelings and gains, whether it is like me,


first, soft writing skills: it is in the second half of 10 years, in the chain, A5 for only one purpose is to obtain high quality at that time, also wrote dozens of articles, write more, naturally is to know A5 audit personnel taste. As a webmaster, this is an essential skill, don’t be afraid to write, just write your own real side, it is a very good article. So far, unconsciously, I have become more and more aware of my writing.

second and SEO techniques: someone once asked me, "what should SEO do?". So, my answer is that you should first put keyword optimization to Baidu home page of a web site, at least in the process you have learned how to do outside the chain of high quality, consistent with the taste of the user to write the original article, inside the chain optimization. Whether you fail or succeed, it will bring you valuable experience.

third, external promotion flow techniques: many webmaster are relying on Baidu, once encountered Baidu K station panic, including yourself, too dependent on Baidu. Do Baidu SEO is indeed a cheap flow tactics, but there are many traffic techniques, including Baidu’s products know experience, stick it all feed a lot of webmaster. I have been using Baidu encyclopedia promotion for a period of time, the effect is good.


contacts: contacts are really important, people always can not be a person in the exchange of different fight a lone battle, and friends know my own shortcomings, everyone on hand resources are different, some people do not necessarily have the resources, you can, through the exchange of resources, to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit.

fifth, detours is really important: who also worked for several months, she felt really really a waste of time, adding a good training institutions to take a lot less detours, you can really after all, now the webmaster hold suspicious attitude to the training institutions, indeed on the Internet itself should be more careful, because now the liar is too clever.

sixth, money: I believe that through Taobao earn wealth off the first barrel of all will be happy can’t sleep, the first guest had earned commissions, not much money, have a happy.

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