Where did the movie station go after Nora fell


[core tip] Nora has built its own business ecosystem with its strong user base, Nora fell, the ecological circle of film owners began to try to transition road.

more than one hundred million users of the player, known as "otaku artifact" Nora is facing bankruptcy fate. The day before the news that Nora technology limited number of serious suspicion of piracy, was fined 260 million yuan. Following the public security organs stationed Nora investigation, the ticket price will become the last straw to dominate nora.

gray belt business ecosystem

was founded in 2007, broadcasting with its independent research and development of video on demand technology, P2P technology and can support multiple formats of audio and video player, become the eyes of netizens is rich in resources, quick play the pronoun.

content is not provided as a technical service provider, our profit mainly includes three parts: one is to open the window advertising; two is the transport game to play, and developers into which advertising and games revenue each half; the three is the software bundled promotion, mainly for manufacturers including Baidu, Tencent, Sohu and Internet Co. Ultra high popularity for Nora brought billions of dollars in revenue.

and video piracy and pornographic content has been questioned by Nora, Nora so-called seed scheduling approach, a large number of video seed set, plus a large number of pirated video site with online play way relay, in order to ensure that the playback and spread of pirated movies. As early as a year ago, law enforcement officers detained a broadcasting company server, identified by the relevant personnel, one of the servers in the opening half, found that there are more than 3000 pornographic videos.

rich resources lurking behind a complete gray industrial chain. Based on the P2P service technology principle, the more participants, the faster the speed, the movie Adsense cooperation has maintained an open mind, so many webmaster willing to cooperate with nora. What’s more, because a fast web player can be embedded on any page that supports fast broadcast controls, the rights of page ads are entirely movie stations. So many websites use the technology, but they don’t cooperate with nora.

Nora vested interests said

stood behind Nora, a group started relying on Nora movie webmaster, it is understood that China is only rely on Nora pirated video content sites up to 10000, if a movie station to do 1 million UV daily (unique visitor for short, refers to a different, natural person through Internet access, browse this web page. ), then can do about 10 million a year in revenue, the current year profit of millions of movies about 10 or so, the annual income of tens to hundreds million in revenue about dozens of online video piracy, whole market size in 300 million.

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