There are no meters [webmaster salon] illegal station online audition



illegal station

word / meter, no song / Jay Chou,


lyrics show original blog writing with

link site is my partner

I know we talk about Internet arena network in

With the soft

station network accounts for half of

induced color rendering and pop beauty diagram horse

if you smile like spalpeen

your station is one hundred million traffic,

is as high as I can’t reach,

adds erotic words, the net police are waiting for you,

blows gorgeous, curl up, brother will squat in jail,

in the forum posted pornographic Edison

just as I bless you, rest in

adds erotic words, the net police are waiting for you,

read the color is from prison were opened the outcome of

lift Qingdao stone hit from the foot of

, your eyes are full of regret,

I even even

music video pornographic and violent

Youku potatoes watching, click billions of dollars

, you hide the secret of

in the thunder

is easy to open, hang BT


hopes that the future network will be green and beautiful,

, and the song I’m singing may offend you,

is in the station,

, my webmaster, don’t give up

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