Personal website history cycle short, how can achievement old brand

walking in the street, often see some of the time-honored "class name, do not know whether these stores are time-honored, but between the lines can feel the breath of history, after all, a hundred years old is really not easy. "Cycle" word, I believe everyone is not strange, any website, a business, a person has a term, a year, a few years, decades, and so on. The cycle has passed, may be no longer prosperous, may be from the prosperity and decline, in short, the history of the long river, it is difficult to have enduring.

saw "you are the one" last weekend and found out that he hadn’t seen the program for some time. I wanted to wait in front of the TV every weekend for the broadcast. Now see more, enthusiasm, fresh, past, the program does not seem so good, and do not watch the program is not so nostalgia. Teachers’ Day is coming, perhaps in order to break the bottleneck or keep the ratings, "" once again launched a special If You Are The One – Teachers Day special, provide a platform to make friends for the majority of female teachers, marriage also under the care of this group. Hope that through a series of special programs, so that the audience to see more new content, the program to maintain a long time of attention and freshness.

in the face of the cycle, many things are powerless. Even if "you are the one" such a powerful program, will also encounter user slack period, no longer interested in the program, seriously affecting the ratings of the program. For personal websites, how to retain users for a long time is also a problem. Once the user does not find the necessary information on the site, it will go away in time. We often see some of the old products, they can be handed down, have experienced the precipitation of history and crisis test, only to achieve the "old"". For personal websites, how long is a survival cycle, and how many sites are ephemeral and


in China millions of personal website, how much is left after precipitation? Grassroots three home owners, the laggards founded in 2001; Chinaz was founded in 2002; Admin5 is the bright younger generation, although starting in 2005, but the development speed is very fast. Three webmaster home, each with its own characteristics, but also in constant innovation, hoping to retain users, and to attract more new members. Although the three websites are doing well now, what will happen in ten years, who will eventually become the leader, can not see. Now three websites are facing pressure and test, and also have the opportunity, among them who will become the webmaster’s "old", and waiting for the answer.

A large number of

website, but there are a lot of in a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, A5 forum poll "you do website, the shortest is long closed" data is not optimistic, there are follow the station, there are interest investment intentions, only the site of the cycle is short. Less a few years period, more a year or a few months only, can insist for a long time, have a try. It’s hard for a personal website to be an old one

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