Month: June 2017

How to open a nutritious breakfast restaurant in Fuxin


said "eat a good breakfast, so breakfast plays an irreplaceable role on people’s health, especially breakfast in today’s food and beverage market varieties of a single lack of innovation at present, for investors is a very good opportunity to join. Fuxin City breakfast varieties of the market is still dominated by traditional breakfast, the most common is Soybean Milk, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, steamed buns, porridge, and wonton, dumplings, noodles, most people are from the traditional breakfast collocation and types. Single breakfast, aging structure, lack of innovation. Although there will be a layer of bread, eggs, cakes, such as food and beverage, or bread and milk and other western style food, but always not as good as dinner so that people have more choices.

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How migrant workers return home

with the development of the times, entrepreneurship is no longer just the dream of the city people choose. From the 80s of last century, a large number of surplus rural labor force to the coastal economic developed areas. Today, with the number of migrant workers to drum up, returning home entrepreneurial force growing. Especially affected by the financial turmoil last year, a large number of migrant workers in the city to return home. As of the Spring Festival in 2009, the city’s total number of migrant workers returning home 723 thousand people, of which the unemployed returned home to 132 thousand people, accounting for about 21% of the number of people returning home. At present, the reporter visited found that returning migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship is still facing a lot of confusion and difficulties. read more

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Zhang Shuai victory over the world’s second round of the Australian Open the next round of the game

, the Australian Open has just begun, China female tennis player Zhang Shuai upset victory second in the world, Halep beat Romania No. two seed. Another 4 Chinese women players in the smooth progress of the 3.

1 on Sept. 19, 2016, the Australian Open tennis tournament into the second match day, China flower news, Zhang Shuai upset victory over No. two seed, Romania champion Halep, Zheng Saisai in the dimension of Germany’s Te Haeften advanced to the second round.

the Australian Open, Chinese, there were Zhang Shuai, Zheng Saisai, Wang Qiang, Han Xinyun and Wang Yafan 5 "flower" in the women’s singles race. The first round of Harding Park, in addition to Wang Yafan, Zheng Saisai, Zhang Shuai lost, Wang Qiang and Han Xinyun were winning into the second round, created the best record China flowers. read more

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Do not ignore these tips to open beauty shop

beauty industry development momentum is good, a lot of people want to open a beauty shop, but the shop is not very understanding skills. To open a beauty shop, business is still very profitable, today we will introduce the beauty shop skills.

order quantity body

beauty stores each have their own characteristics, the choice of products according to their own characteristics tailored to order, to look at their own beauty stores is not have special requirements for cosmetic products. For example, your beauty stores Chinese beauty, then you will consider the effect of traditional Chinese medicine beauty products, but can not imitate other stores pursue foreign brands; if you are a dedicated men’s beauty stores, but also for the "white-collar" services for men, you should choose a men’s cosmetics brand class and grade. read more

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How to open a sock store

in today’s society, the industry is more and more fine division of labor, a large number of industry categories, and now some people do building materials business, some people interested in environmental projects, and some people want to open a sock shop specializing in socks. So how to manage a sock shop?

the shop’s target customers are those of the so-called "consistent" and "symmetry" fashion rules a person. Therefore, the sale of socks, do not need any matching guide book, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possible. read more

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Secretary of the two sessions of the two sessions on 2016

Secretary of the robot to read the two sessions, with the development of science and technology, the two sessions in 2016 is such a tall, of course, people are more concerned about the discussion of the two sessions. So, just follow the robot to see what the two sessions this year, right?

2016 national "two sessions" held as an important platform for people to participate in politics, the two sessions every year is the top priority of the national attention. In order to help the majority of users to better understand the contents and progress of the two sessions, Baidu intelligent robot degree secret in March 3rd to 16 cooperation with Xinhua news agency launched the degree of secret with you to see the two sessions special activities. The event relies heavily on Baidu search information and intelligent human interaction technology for users to timely and in-depth delivery of the latest information on the two sessions. read more

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How much profit home industry

with the domestic real estate industry booming, some depend on the real estate industry project has been in a stage of rapid development, Home Furnishing industry as one of the most typical project, now Home Furnishing joined has become the market popular because of its entrepreneurial projects, both wholesale, agent or shop business is very good! Furniture home to join the market is definitely a potential stock! So home to join the jewelry store profit high? I think this is a lot of doubts in the hearts of franchisees, the same small series is also, we look at the following bar!

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Join the restaurant must find some essential elements of the project

catering industry is now in the stage of rapid development, many projects on the market, the brand is endless, and now for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage market, the choice of the project? Many advantages of catering for many first-time entrepreneurs to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship! Have chosen to join the entrepreneurial road. Choose a good project to join investors can save a lot of unnecessary time, join the restaurant business is a shortcut to get rich.

for franchising brands, catering franchisees can in a very short period of time, the cost of small business management to learn the knowledge and experience of success, can make their own many detours. Investment franchisees can spend less energy to have joined the headquarters of the brand, brand, management techniques can be used directly, rather than to his original career, both in terms of time, money and mentally relieve a lot of burden, for no experience who can join in a relatively short period of time.

since it is a franchise brand, the franchise brand effect is certainly good, this is the food and beverage investors to join by the value of the place.

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Small brands do catering industry can go far

major brands of food and beverage companies have done well, go far, one of the key factors is the standardization of business processes. In fact, this is not only limited to well-known brands of food and beverage, even if you want to do as long as snacks, do it, small projects can be bigger. Chongqing features only to do so, not bad, we look at.

"a bowl of noodles 22 just, the taste of the Quartet, to the five stool to eat six people to eat three……" Chongqing hot side of the surface is the first song of the accompaniment, sounding the upsurge into the country. Part of the intention to expand the small shop owner is exploring the process of standardization. Next, will be rolled out on the Internet selling plan, is currently screening the right vendor cooperation. read more

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Tea business coup

tea is the Chinese people like things, with the continuous exchange of Chinese and Western culture, tea is also more and more into the western countries, by Westerners like and keen. Therefore, the tea market is also expanding, rising. So, how to operate tea business? May wish to take a look at!

Understand the business area consumer tastes

on the quality of tea such as whether the right of final decision in the consumer for the operator, the key is to be based on consumer tastes supply, different areas of consumer tastes are different, such as the North South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. read more

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How to face the competition of the snack bar

peer competition, this is not a new thing, in any of the current industry will naturally encounter. In short, all the people who have done business investment, the situation of peer competition must not unfamiliar, in fact, there are competition in all walks of life, so in the snack industry, fierce competition is commonplace.

although everyone is looking forward to be able to stand out in an industry, but a shop would like to always be successful in an industry alone is not easy. In any case, but also to adjust the mentality of their peers, take appropriate measures in time, so as to better control the market. read more

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How to investigate the sustainability of the project

how to be able to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, we need to consider from a number of aspects, so as to really have a good business opportunity. For investors, not easy to choose a project, certainly hope to be able to compare long time business, to bring their own benefits, therefore, investors also need to examine the sustainability of the project operation,

content includes:

1, the operation of the project is standardized, including the code of conduct and regulations.

code of conduct: whether there is a unified internal and external signs, the flow of the process is standardized, the process is standardized, the service process is standardized, etc.. Whether to join the unified standardized training, training time, training project, party not to provide a unified operation manual, service manual, manual management, training manuals, code compilation is standard, whether feasible, is easy to perform, if not confusing. read more

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Jewelry store operators should improve service

jewelry store operators need to improve the store service, if you want to tap more profitable space, choose a good customer service is an effective way. If you do not know how to do a good job with the service work together with Xiaobian to learn about it, I hope you can take a good grasp, can not be missed.

to enter the shop customers, jewelry shop should give consumers relaxed mood, reduce the pressure on them; you can put some Buddhist music to them, the wall can be posted some "Buddha also speak with Yan, should pay attention to your physical appearance" such relaxed mood. There is no consumer demand for these customers, jewelry store employees can not ignore them, the consumption of the sometimes more depends on the level of service. read more

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Open shop should choose what kind of project

is now a lot of people think open shop to make money, so have to enter into this industry, but now the industry competition is fierce, if you don’t make a right choice, it is likely to fail in the end, then open the shop should choose what kind of project?

involved e-commerce entrepreneurs is best to choose some "short, flat, fast" project, so easy to use, easy to make money." Li Chao, Yiwu Institute of business and entrepreneurship incubation base entrepreneurial students, was hailed as the business by the lecturer, although open shop in the class is not too early, but the business done quite well. Yesterday, he summed up his entrepreneurial experience, to share with you. read more

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